My fantasy World

Fourteen Year Old Model

Posted on: September 1, 2008

by Daddy Warbucks

My daughter just turned 14 and I gave her permission
to try out for a modeling job at a local outdoor club.

    I never imagined how close it would bring us. She is
a very pretty blond with a tight slender figure and very
voluptuous breasts. Even though I had never actually
seen her nude, her breasts had always been a source of
pride for her, and she was never shy about wearing the
most revealing, provocative outfits she could find.

    I had no doubt that Adele got the job primarily be-
cause of her body. She came home with the news in a fit
of excitement.

    "I got the job Daddy!" She was beside herself with
happiness. "Oh, Daddy, I can't believe it! I was the
only girl still in high school, all the others were in
their twenties, and they picked me!"

    "I knew my little girl had what it takes," I grinned
hugging her tightly. I let my hands stray down to her
rounded little bottom and pressed her body against me
feeling her hard young breasts pressed against my chest.

    "We start shooting this Saturday and I want you to
come see me, Daddy."

    "I wouldn't miss it for the world, sweetheart." I
said truthfully. I couldn't wait to see more of my gor-
geous little teenage baby.

    She went before me on Saturday for an orientation
and to get her wardrobe and makeup organized. I was not
prepared for what I saw when I arrived. The set was in
the middle of town next to a lake. Due to the fact that
it was a sunny and warm day, the place was packed with
park-goers, but I easily found the spot where they were
shooting, and was greeted with a sight that brought my
sexual organ immediately to attention.

    Down by the water surrounded by 30 or 40 men, most
clad only in swimming trunks, was my precious baby. She
was straddling an ATV wearing cutoffs that were so short
and tight, they went right up into the crack of her ass,
a bikini top, pulled down, completely exposing her
luscious breasts, and cowboy boots. As I got closer, I
was in for an even bigger surprise! Lying on the ground
on the other side of her were 12 naked men!

    "Daddy!" she grinned, running over to greet me, not
even trying to cover up, her breasts bouncing as she
ran. "Oh, Daddy, I'm so glad you made it" She said as we
embraced, the nipples of her firm breasts poking into my
chest. "Come with me, Daddy, I want you to meet the crew
and my co-models!"

    She introduced me to the crew, then her 12 male co-
models. Two of them stood naked next to my daughter and
she put her arms around their waists, their bodies turn-
ed in towards her, dicks just inches from touching her.
Then one came up behind her end wrapped his arms around
her body, just under her breasts, pressing hard against
her. They were all very pleasant and very handsome, put-
ting me right at ease. I felt right away that my daugh-
ter was in good hands and I told them so.

    "Come on kids," shouted the director, "let's get on
with the shoot!"

    "Adele, scoot over to makeup, honey!"

    After hugging me one last time, she skipped over to
a stool placed in front of a mirror where she was at-
tended to by a crew of five men. I watched in amazement
as her body was attended to. One guy worked on her hair,
a second did her face, a third messaged her breasts, the
fourth had her legs spread and was rubbing cream on her
legs, all the way up to the edge of her cutoffs, lifting
the edge to get up inside. I could have sworn I saw
Adele's hips lift up a bit, grinding her crotch against
the man's fingers as he rubbed the lotion into her. Then
she got up and leaned over a table and the fifth guy did
her bottom, pulling her shorts up into her crack as far
as it would go. Finally, she was led over to the ATV and
the shooting began.

    They shot my daughter in every possible position,
lying back on the ATV, legs spread, breasts heaving,
lying across the laps of her co-models, sandwiched be-
tween two of them, or leaning over the handlebars, a
naked men sitting on them squeezing her breasts, and
another pressed up against her bottom, his cock resting
in the crack of her ass as he massaged her cheeks.

    Then the makeup crew came over for some more touch-
ups, but this time, they removed her cutoffs altogether.
She was wearing a g-string that matched her top, and as
they adjusted it, her soft pubic hair came into view.
She looked up at me with a look of total bliss as her
body was attended to by so many male hands. The next
series of shots revealed more and more of her young body
until she was told to sit up on the machine with her
legs spread and pull the g-string aside.

    One model came up behind her and rubbed her neck and
shoulders and breasts, one guy each took hold of a leg,
spreading her open even farther, and another knelt be-
tween her open legs, kissing her full on the lips, his
hand rubbing her inner thighs until his fingers were
pressed against the pouting lips of her tender adole-
scent cunt.

    Then came the makeup crew again, completely removing
all of her clothes.  She was placed up on the ATV again
with her legs spread wide and I  noticed that her co-
models now had raging hard-ons. The first one moved in
close and shoved his dick right up into Adele's pussy.
He pushed it in halfway, then whispered something into
her ear. Adele nodded and the guy pulled back and rammed
his cock all the way inside her, taking my daughter's
cherry right before my eyes. Then, as I watched in awe,
the big stud started fucking her!

    Adele was screaming with pleasure as she was getting
fucked for the first time in her life and right out in
public for anyone to see. He pushed his massive prick in
real deep, then pulled out, over and over, while cameras
clicked and the audience watched.  He fucked my daughter
harder and harder, pumping his cock into her body faster
and faster.

    My baby let out a final ear-splitting scream  as her
body tensed, his hips thrusting till he  gave  one final
push, holding his cock deep  inside  her as he exploded,
shooting  his  load  and filling my daughter for the
very first time,  then,  with  the crowd watching,  her
young body began spasming with  her own orgasm,  bucking
and  bouncing  madly with that huge cock buried deep in-
side her.

    She lay back as he pulled his long, glistening prick
out of her  soaking pussy  and looked over at me with a
look of pure happiness,  but they  had just begun.  No
sooner  did she  catch her breath,  when another model
moved  between  her legs,  inserting  his  erect  cock
straight into her slimy  cunt,  ramming into her again
and again, fucking her for the second time.

    One  after  another,  I watched  as  my  14-year-old
daughter fucked every guy with her group. As soon as one
man pumped her pussy full of come,  and slipped his cock
from my  little  girl's body,  another was there to take
his  place.  Over  the  next  three hours,  I watched as
thirty different men fucked my little girl at least once
half of them fucking her more then once.

    I can't wait to get her home and fuck her hot little
cunt myself...

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